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What could be better than finding a brand new outdoor trail to walk, or finally cycling up a particularly steep hill you’ve been struggling to tackle? Finding the perfect spot to set up your tent, or running an extra mile or two? Spending time outdoors can be exhilarating and great for your physical and mental health, which is why Sports Direct is here to help you make the most of being outdoors. With our wide range of outdoor gear, including hiking and walking shoes, waterproof clothing and essential accessories, you can enjoy outdoor activities knowing that you’re wearing and using some of the best quality outdoor kit. Brands that know their stuff about the outdoors, such as Karrimor and Regatta, are stocked, meaning you can rely on your outdoor products and enjoy every second of being outdoors. So whether you’re cycling, running, walking, skating, camping or even outdoor swimming, Sports Direct are here to help you thrive in the outdoors.